Colorado Voters Legalize Hemp (and marijuana)!

What a night for celebration was November 6, 2012.  Colorado is the first jurisdiction in the world to legalize hemp (and marijuana)!  This truly was an historic move and the world is watching.  Who ever dreamed it could happen?  Washington state, with its earlier time zone, was fast on our heels.  And Uruguay is poised to be the first country to legalize marijuana.

Legal marijuana for those of us who are devoted to the non-psychoactive end of the cannabis spectrum, is of interest because the new laws in both Colorado and Washington include legalization of our favorite crop.  It’s tiny 0.3% THC content qualified it to be included in these laws.  We can’t possibly express enough appreciation to Brian Vicente and Mason Tvert, in Denver, for paving the way for this potentially HUGE agricultural/industrial boom.

It will be interesting now to see how this plays out at the federal level.  Colorado’s laws are so well written, that I predict they will serve as a model, not only for other states, but possibly for the nation.  Stay tuned!



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